Believe offer support to all those affected by organ donation and their families, whatever the outcome of the process. This also includes those approached about organ donation regardless of their final decision. This extends to healthcare professionals, donor families, those unable to donate, transplant recipients and their families. This support is not time dependant.

This support is provided through The Fraser Fund, a valuable resource available for families and individuals affected by organ donation. If you or a loved one has been involved in the organ donation process, you may be eligible to apply for funding to access vital support services. The fund covers two key areas of support: Emotional Support and Educational Support for Children.

Emotional Support can include therapy, counselling or other forms of assistance to help families cope with the challenges that come with organ donation.

The support includes but is not limited to:

• Mental health support

• Financial support with travel and accommodation costs for hospital visits

• Wellbeing support through family visits or away days

• Educational support through private tutoring

• Believe bears and support packs

Roman's Story

Roman was born with half a heart in 2015 and spent the first year of his life in hospital. After numerous operations it was decided that Romans only chance of survival was a heart transplant…

It was on the 7th December 2015 that all of Romans family’s dreams came true. They received a call to say that a donor heart had been found. The phone call came through to Zoe (Romans Mum) on the morning of the 7th December and by 3pm that day Roman was receiving his new heart. After 9 hours of surgery little Roman had a new heart that he subsequently found out was donated by Fraser Bear. After surgery his heart was so big the surgeons had to leave Romans chest open for a while. When ready, Roman’s Mum and Dad were given the opportunity to sow his chest back together.
Roman is now one sassy 8 year old boy and through the years the families have developed a wonderful relationship.

Just after Covid, Roman was admitted to Great Ormond Street due to ill health. During this visit Anna was given the opportunity to meet Roman in the Rain Cafe at Great Ormond Street Hospital. This was a moment of mixed feelings for both parties, but also a wonderful one. You can read some more about this special meeting here.

Believe Organ Donor Support were really pleased to offer Roman’s family support over the last few years including organising and paying for the transport to and from London (from Hartlepool) for Roman to attend Great Ormond Street Hospital. Whilst Roman was admitted to hospital for 13 weeks Believe spoke to one of their kind partners, Curry’s, who gifted him an iPad to keep him occupied and in touch with his family.
Believe also arranged and paid for Roman and his family to have a week long caravan holiday in Wales to offer the family respite during a difficult time. This was also wonderful for the patrons of the lake to meet the family after they held a Teddy Bears Picnic to support the charity in 2022 raising over £1000 in just one day.
Now when asked ‘Where is your favourite place to go on holiday? ‘ Roman’s response is always WALES.
If you know of anyone that requires support like Roman or you wish to have your own Teddy Bears Picnic or hold your own events to help us support families like Roman then please contact us.

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